Saturday, April 14, 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

March was warmer than April this year and as my little deck garden grew quickly with the sun and rain, ole' Jack Frost suddenly reared his ugly head.  I moved most of my pots into the unheated garage and covered the deck planters with sheets until the threat was over.

Upper left is the first tomato, 'Better Boy '.  Upper right is my rosemary, basil, parsley, mesclun planter.  Since my space is full sun most of the day I have a mandevilla ( lower left ) that can take the heat and bloom all summer.  My flower container ( lower right ) is planted with Lantana to attract hummers.  Butterflies love it as well. 

Here in North Carolina the seasons unfold with unbelievable displays of perennials, trees and shrubs popular in most public and private gardens .    Chionanthus, commonly known as the fringe tree, and seldom seen in Chicago area gardens is prolific here in its beautiful white dress.   Chinese wisteria, an invasive vine, hangs from trees everywhere,  red buckeye with its showy blooms and irises in colorful drifts of every color imaginable delight the eye and grace the landscape. 

In my Chicago garden the Asian pear and Magnolia made its earliest appearance ever in the mildest winter on record.    I'm keeping fingers crossed that a May freeze won't come this year.

Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming all around the country.


  1. You're deck garden is wonderful! I hope the freezes have passed now.

    1. Thanks, Freda. I hope the freezes have passed as well but the much needed rain this weekend has cooled things off considerably.

  2. A tomato already! Your herb container is an inspiration -- I'm growing container veggies for the first time.

    I'm having trouble with blogger taking my comments, or you may have 3 if they're all sticking somewhere. I can't see them.

  3. I have tried a couple times to comment and for some reason blogger doesn't like my wordpress(?) Oh well, just wanted to say you have a lovely patio garden, I am very jealous. I have a bad track record with plants even though I love them. Plus the animals around me love to eat, chew and spray on all my plants which I am sure doesn't help any. Anyway you have lovely plants and I will check back to see what else you have growing.


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