Thursday, August 31, 2017


"Let me enjoy this late-summer day of my heart while the leaves are still green and I won't look so close as to see that first tint of pale yellow slowly creep in. I will cease endless running and then look to the sky ask the sun to embrace me and then hope she won't tell of tomorrows less long than today. Let me spend just this time in the slow-cooling glow of warm afternoon light and I'd think I will still have the strength for just one more last fling of my heart." 
- John Bohrn, Late August

The goldenrod to me means that Fall is slowly creeping in.  The last week of August has been remarkable cool all of a sudden.  Temperatures of 70 as the high and 60 as the low are very enjoyable for getting gardening chores done.

Despite the lack of rain this month the garden has thrived, with the exception of pesky deer nibbling on plants they usually leave alone.   Above is a shot of the edge of my woodland garden that faces the front of my house.  I still have empty spots calling for some plants.  I'm looking for bellflowers that will naturally colonize and fill in the blanks so that the plants will act as mulch.

Henrietta, the red hen on the right, has been laying eggs everyday.  She is the queen of the coop and keeps the other ones in line.   The yellow buff orpington on the left, named Hei Hei should be laying soon as she's only 5 days younger that Henrietta.

     Found this lovely violet Autumn sage at the local garden center and got two of them planted.  I'm very fond of this plant since it has a long bloom time, attracts bees and butterflies and turns into a small woody shrub.

I found this beautiful spotted bee balm and couldn't resist it.  It's self-sowing and attracts a lot of pollinators.

In the vegetable garden I've harvested a lot of okra, tomatoes, basil and onions.  I've planted some kale and stir-fry broccoli and have more seeds to sow once it gets a little cooler.

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