Friday, July 1, 2016


"We go in withering July

To ply the hard incessant hoe;
Panting beneath the brazen sky
We sweat and grumble, but we go."
-  Ruth Pitter, The Diehards

Farewell June, filled with above normal temperatures followed by a lot of rain.  Wonder if we'll have that "cold day in July " as the country song goes. 

 In between the hot weather and rain I managed to plant a few new perennials and shrubs and divide and transplant the overgrown ones.

Divided the Japanese roof iris and planted them at the edge of the woodland garden.

The astilibe and zinnias add much needed color and texture to the woodland garden.

With all the rain the weeds grew like wildfire and the Japanese beetles invaded and chowed down on the crape myrtles and cannas.  Every morning I am out in the garden by 7 to do all these chores before it gots too hot and humid to work.  

My favorite part of July is the tomatoes.  There's nothing better than a homegrown tomato and next to that a fried green tomato samich.

Saw two baby fawns in the front garden this morning, apparently twins , which means the pickings around here are good.   Got out my gong and scared them away.   It will indeed be a cold day in July before I let them eat my garden.

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