Sunday, October 1, 2017


I love this Hyacinth Bean vine I bought when I visited Thomas Jefferson's Monticello garden.

September - so hot and dry.  I joked that the chickens were laying boiled eggs.  Most of the time they had their tongues hanging out and their wings fanning themselves.  I put  lots of ice cubes in their water.  All four hens are now laying-some off and on but we are getting around 2 dozen eggs a week. 

I expect to get a large water bill this month as we've had hardly any rain for the past two months -August and September.   I take sections of the garden at a time beginning with those that need the water the most - new transplants . I don't like to complain about the lack of water when the poor people of Houston , Florida and Puerto Rico got way too much.

I spent days that were too hot to venture out in planning the renovation of a 20 year old garden.  I had the homeowner rip out all the old , overgrown shrubs. She selected, upon my advice, a beautiful Full Moon Japanese Maple for a focal point in her front garden bed.  Around it I planted a bright golden Illicium, some Lorepetalum and Recurved ligustrum.   The color contrast was remarkable. 

The last day of September brought a huge change to the heatwave we were having.  It suddenly cooled off to a wonderful 72 degree day which is perfect for gardening . 

Farewell dry, hot September and welcome cool and wonderful October !

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