Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It's always delightful to visit other people's gardens but on a recent Saturday I set out to see THE garden in these here parts -Helen Yoest's Raleigh garden that she calls ' Helen's Haven. '    Her book in my hands I asked her to autograph it and she did.  Then she laughed and told me she couldn't believe she put two 'F's ' in confidence.  I said don't you dare touch it because like the U.S. mint those sorta things can someday be worth money.  So the extra F in the post title above was deliberate.

I went along with garden coach Meghan DeCooke May from nearby Pinehurst .  As we entered the garden we couldn't help but "ooh  and ahhh " at the lovely vistas before us.  As the post title says - it wasn't perfect - she didn't fluff the mulch or fuss too much,  there were perennials needing to be deadheaded, etc. but as gardeners we know that this is a natural part of the garden and Helen's Haven is a wildlife sanctuary.

                                                Yours truly, Helen Yoest and Meghan DeMay Cooke

In the midst of the busy city we stepped into a lush paradise filled with a vast assortment of perennials, trees and shrubs, both native and exotic .   Vistas were beautifully framed by vines and trees that beckoned you to enter.

               On the right side of the house the entrance to the garden has a wonderful crape myrtle ,  surrounded by holly and boxwood.  Love the colorful orbs.

                                                             Love this vine covered pathway .

Art was placed so naturally in Helen's garden it was if the artist had created it for that very spot.

And as we always like to steal  borrow ideas from other gardens lookee here :

      You may not be able to see them but there's chickens in there .

And of course no visit to Helen's Haven would be complete without getting to sit in the ' Loveshack . "  This is the awesome view from it and below is moi enjoying this wonderful  retreat .

I want to thank Helen for the cordial invitation to experience her delightful garden .   She promised me some passalong plants when I start my own garden in Chapel Hill and I hope to take her up on that offer soon.
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