Tuesday, June 30, 2015


         Once school is out we head up to the Outer Banks on the Atlantic for a short vacation with our daughters and granddaughter.

June was a busy month in the garden and due to lackof rain and hot humid days I fussed over my new plantings with extra water and an added layer of mulch.

My roadside wildflower garden did well despite the lack of rain and most plants were drought-and-deer resistant.  I added a heavy layer of shredded leaves and pine needles to preserve moisture.

The birds were very busy building nests in the boxes and houses I put up.  This little wren laid five eggs.  A beautiful American Goldfinch occupied another house and had a small brood.  I supply them with food and water so it makes their parenthood easier.

Much to my delight the seeds of this Robinson's Red Mum not only sprouted but bloomed this month.  How great to have mums in the summer !  

I made of list of the plants that deer and rabbits have not browsed for the past two years :   Pink Astilibe, Bergenia, ajuga, daffodils, ferns, red buckeye, cannas, hellebores, coreopsis, Japanese iris, Florida anise, lavender,ornamental grasses, rosemary, salvia, yarrow, verbascum, zinnia, and other herbs.

This month I will finally have a fence installed in my backyard so that I can enjoy gardening without fighting the deer and rabbit.  I plan to construct a round flagstone patio near the boulder garden and plant an ornamental kitchen garden .

Farewell June.  You have been a brutal month to deal with in the garden but it appears that July's forecast is to be cooler than you were.  
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