Monday, July 27, 2020

The Loveliness of June

"And since all this loveliness can not be Heaven,
I know in my heart it is June."

– Abba Woolson

Can there be anything lovelier than a beautiful day in June in the garden when the plants are enjoying mild temperatures before the scarlet face of July appears and the gardener is able to add new things.

             The garden as viewed from the Lady Banks rose arbor.

No matter how old I get I hope that I will always be able to work in the garden, a task I find most therapeutic. My Aunt Nell, my mother's sister, kept a home and garden 'til the day she passed. She also buried 4 husbands. Bless her heart she was the spittin' image of a strong, Irish woman. 

June saw temperatures in the 60's and plenty of rain, very unusual for this time of the year.  I make it a policy not to complain about too much rain because sometimes we often have too little.  You can water the garden from the hose but it's just not the same as the minerals the rain brings.

As June draws to a close and July promises its usual unbearably hot days I will retire to my studio to catch up on painting.   I will have a virtual art show but the very popular annual Open Studio for artists in this area is on hold this Fall.

July will bring my last remaining daughter to Chapel Hill and my family will be complete.  She's an artist and gardener like her Ma.

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