Tuesday, August 27, 2013

In An Irish Garden

For the first time I got to visit Ireland as a guest instead of a tourist .  It's much more relaxing when you have an Irish host who will gladly show you their beautiful country.  My daughter, her husband and my 4 1/2 year old granddaughter Lea enjoyed a splendid week in which there was little or no rain, very unusual for them.  As a matter of fact I joked that we had more rain in North Carolina , and in fact, it was true.

From the city of Cork we travelled by car to nearby destinations -Kinsalle and Blarney and various other little seaport towns.

The Irish coast at the Atlantic ocean .

The rugged beauty of the natural rock outcroppings .

   A street scene on the way to Blarney .

     View of the garden from my host's sun room .  I love the Irish stone walled garden .

It has been a great summer in Cork as evidenced by these beautiful flowers in full bloom.

And of course there's always the rainy day when it's best to stay inside.

I really treasured my time in Ireland as a visitor with gracious hosts who enjoyed their little granddaughter as much as I do .
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