Monday, April 2, 2012

An Azalea for Every Garden

I've always had an affinity for azaleas and have two- a Karen and a Korean - in my Chicago garden.  When I tried to sell them to customers at the garden center most of them would say they couldn't grow them.  Azaleas were not a common sight, much to my dismay.

But here in North Carolina, March and April bring out azaleas of all sizes and colors from pale pink, magenta, red and white -and they are in abundance in almost every garden and public place.

                                                      Azalea 'poukhanense ', aka, Korean

Having about the same bloomtime, azaleas look good with the dogwoods.

No Southern gardener would be without their beloved azaleas, or for that matter dogwoods and magnolias.   I have so enjoyed the magnificent Spring flower show in Chapel Hill and am very excited to see what April and May will bring.  I saw buds on a Southern magnolia the other day.  I believe they'll be early this year.


  1. Hope the azaleas will still be in bloom when we return in mid-April!

  2. My azaleas are in full bloom. I love this time of year in the south, can't get more colorful!

  3. Hey Freda and Janet - Just went to the Sarah P. Duke gardens yesterday and talk about azaleas ! I have never been so dazzled with such an array of beauty as their display -every color and size imaginable.


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