Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 "The stillness of October gold

Went out like beauty from a face." --  

 E. A. Robinson

My 'Appalachian Spring ' dogwood in her October gold coat.

I love the month of October here in central North Carolina.   There's still a lot of life left in the garden -late blooming asters, mums, viburnum, autumn sage, goldenrod and brazilian verbena .  This year it's so mild that the Lantana is hanging on and the bees and butterflies appreciate that.

 Among the boulders -red autumn sage, golden mums, euphorbia and japanese roof iris.

Unlike the dry, hot , scarce rainfall of last summer we were blessed with ample rainfall and the garden was lusher than usual.  The downside of course is that the weeds also thrive and I've spent many a day trying to eliminate them before they get a foothold.  Creeping Charlie-arggggggh !   Trying to plant everything close together to shade out the weeds and eliminate mulching as much as possible.

This may appear to be a natural forest but everything in front was added by me -viburnums, dogwood, elephant ears, carex , and ajuga add color and texture to my front woodland garden.

October is the month when I  look forward to my camellias blooming.

This is the gorgeous 'hana jiman ' in all her glory.  

Call me picky but I only like white or white with pink tinged Camellias.  They really show up well against their shiny dark green leaves.

Now on to November and usually a month when Fall/Winter really begin.

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