Thursday, May 28, 2020



"Well-apparel'd April on the heel
Of limping Winter treads."
- William Shakespeare

My young dogwood bloomed for the first time this April.  The dogwood is the State flower of North Carolina and one of the best native trees that grow well at the forest's edge.  Thus far I have planted six of them.

April 15 marks the last freeze date and thus the beginning of serious planting in the garden.  Due to the lock-down the local garden center has been busy adjusting to curb-side service and safety precautions for those who want to shop inside.

Walking about the neighborhood I see a new found interest in gardening.  So many projects that were never tackled before are now being done and I see old, overgrown shrubs chopped down and thrown to the curb for pick-up.    A new revival in gardening has rapidly spread and the garden center is busier than ever.

Since I can't go to client's gardens as usual to help with their projects,  I have been busy dividing and transplanting and creating new garden beds in my own garden .  

Meanwhile it's great to see so many flowers blooming this month, and they're about a month early as well.  Below is my clematis 'bee's jubilee ' a very prolific, repeat bloomer.

    Roses blooming in April ?  Indeed, a surprise but there she is, my 'golden showers' climbing rose's first bloom, which was followed by many more.

Meanwhile I set out my tomatoes early and planted some spinach and kale.  Rain has been abundant and the garden looks lush.

I'm behind on my weeding and creeping charlie has started running so I have got to catch him before he takes over !  

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