Wednesday, June 1, 2016


And what is so rare as a day in June?

Then, if ever, come perfect days;

Then Heaven tries earth if it be in tune,

And over it softly her warm ear lays;

Whether we look, or whether we listen,

We hear life murmur, or see it glisten.
    -James Russell Lowell

Duke the digger will be 10 months old this month.  He has matured a lot but still has the habit of digging holes and pulling up plants.  He has become a very alert watch dog, checking out any suspicious noises outside his territory which is fenced in. He's very affectionate and has a good personality.

May was a very rainy month, even more so than April it seems so it was frequently too wet to garden but I did manage to pulll a lot of weeds in between showers.  I also managed to divide and transplant many of the spreading perennials in the roadside garden. 

The roadside wildflower garden is flourishing and most plants returned from last year.

I have been looking for this fabulous cultivar , brunnera 'alexander's great ' which is twice as big as most in the species.  I planted it in the shade garden and just for extra insurance against deer, pinned netting around it and sprayed with deer deterrent.

The huge mound of topsoil and compost I ordered ( 4 c.y. ) is slowly getting smaller and smaller as I wheelbarrow it around the beds and dig it in the existing soil.  If I added up all the yards of topsoil I've had delivered so far it would probably be around 50 cubic yards.  I've already noticed an improvement in the drainage after a heavy rain but it may take 5 or more years before I see a significant difference.

The nectarine I planted two years ago bore a lot of delicious fruit and I managed to save them from the squirrels and birds by using netting and mylar tape.  I think my two Asian pears were nipped in the bud just as they were blooming during the late April freeze we had , although I see a few pears made it.  The blueberries have begun to ripen and I've also netted them to prevent the birds from scooping them up.  I think I could use a scarecrow with some motion action in the veggie garden to scare away the birds who like to swoop down and scoop up the strawberries.

With June comes summer and, I hope, the end of countless rainy days.


  1. Your garden is beautiful and that Duke has sure grown.

    1. Thanks,Linda. Duke has reached his ideal weight of 44 lbs. which is the average for his breed.


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