Monday, September 28, 2015


Finally my new deer proof fence is installed and I'm a happy gardener.  I just planted 9 savoy cabbages and will continue to develop my Fall / Winter veggie garden.  

Another new addition to the Sweet Garden is my sweet puppy.  Duke, 8 weeks old, is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.  He is a little fluffy bear cub with a sweet personality.

Of course having a new puppy is not much different than having an infant in the house but before you know it he'll be tagging along with me in the newly fenced in garden where he'll be taught a flower from a weed.

The 'Miss Huff " Lantana was spectacular as usual despite the hot dry summer and many swallowtails and hummers found them delightfully delicious as well.    The roadside wildflower garden flourished with coreopsis, milkweed, blanket flowers, sages, Joe Pye weed, goldenrod and ornamental grasses, to name a few.

 Monarch butterflies found their way to my garden to lay their eggs on my milkweed.  

The boulder garden is filling in nicely as well.  I had to bring in 5 yards of fill dirt to grade some low areas in the backyard where my veggie garden will be.

Fall has arrived and September is departing.  Where did the time go ?   Looking forward to October and cooler weather to garden in .

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