Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I've Got my Eye on a Red Buckeye

                                                                     Aseculus pava
                                                                   A Carolina Native

I spied this beautiful tree along the Carolina highway and instantly recognized it because its one of few Southern trees that thrive in Chicago.   It can be a shrub or small tree reaching 10-15 ' and I love its natural form and  showy red flowers that are attractive to birds, especially hummers.  It's native habitat is the coastal region of North Carolina but it has made its way here to the Piedmont.

I saw it growing near the Paul Green ( famous local writer )  cabin at the N.C. Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill and loved the way it looked so natural in the woodland setting that is so popular here.

As I study the botany of this area I am making a list of must-haves when I get my own garden.  The Red Buckeye certainly merits a place.


  1. Thanks Carolyn! I was struggling of which small trees to recommend for someone who wanted a tree to go below the power lines. You remember those old power lines from Chicago and many of the older suburbs? The Red Buckeye looks like a winner, saw them at Northwind Perennial Farm last spring and they were stunning.


  2. What a great shrub, Carolyn!

    And that cabin is fantastic! I have a fantasy about finding a little cabin in the woods for weekend and summer getaways. My grandparents had one on their farm in MO, and I have such fond memories of it.

  3. That is one beautiful buckeye!

    It is still in bloom? The ones here are through blooming for the year... We had some amazing yellows...


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